Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Billian Group, Melbourne is a leading service provider of Team Collaboration in Melbourne . These Team Collaboration are best solution for Small and Emerging business. Our multi line phone systems for small business are an advanced calling network configurations designed to improve communications for small companies .These Small business phones systems are designed to handle the different needs of various businesses, like clients service calls, call routing and internal calls to send call to the right person.

Billian Group’s small office telephone systems in Melbourne , Australia are best suited for any kind of Small Business.

Team Collaboration put simply, brings together your work force to form a cohesive, performing team. But how does this translate and integrate with your business, utilising industry leading technology and unified communications to bring it all together? Team Collaboration is helping business’s realise their hidden potential and increase team communication through our specialised range of unified communication solutions.

From cloud based business phone systems, to advanced file sharing and project management systems, and video conferencing solutions, Team Collaboration brings you solutions to unify your staff into one cohesive force. True team collaboration is the art of removing all obstacles, increasing transparency, easing communication channels and reducing downtime for your business.

How We Implement

There are three main benefits to upgrade traditional phone to Small business Phone Systems.

Our Solutions
Team Collaboration is dedicated to providing your business with a cloud phone solution that will accelerate your business into the future; among the additional services and benefits of utilising a cloud phone solution include:

  • Centralised communication network
  • Access across multiple devices; desk phone, mobile, computer and tablet
  • Voicemail services
  • Call reporting and analytics
  • Virtual reception services

What Phone System do I need?

A popular option for business these days is to make the move to VoIP phone lines. VoIP is usually the cheapest solution for a business with lower call rates and less need for line rental. However by not wanting to sacrifice your call quality you face a higher internet expense as the internet needs to be of a high quality in order to run the phone system without issue.

If you provide us with some recent telephone accounts as well as some time to discuss your situation we can let you know what is the best option for your business.

  • Do you have/need a Fibre Optic connection?
  • Do you have a standard ADSL internet connection?
  • Are you setting up a new location with no active internet?

What hardware is necessary?

What kind of hardware do you want to use for your Small Business Telephone System? Billian Group offer a range of handset solutions depending on the needs and budget of the business. This is an important consideration for your business as you may need some level of remote access while you have staff on the road or you may want to have handsets running in the office to avoid computer issues affecting calls.

  • Does the business have the budget to purchase handsets?
  • Is the business looking for software to make calls remotely?
  • Does the business need to have handsets for certain environments?

What features are required?

Your telephone system can have any number of features built in. Do you need music on hold? Would you like your customers to run through an IVR system with queues and options to get access to specific departments or staff members. You have a larger range of options with your phone system for a fraction of the cost so its a good time to look at what’s possible to decide what works best for you.

  • Music for customers when they are on hold
  • Queues and voicemail
  • Exit queue and request call-back options
  • Call Transfer to Mobile
  • Connection to CRM
  • Call Recording