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Secure Internet Connection With Proven Reliable Uptime & Tech Support


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Business Grade Point To Point Wireless Connection Where Others Fail.

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Voice & Collaboration Services That Will Make You Feel Like You are in the Same Office.


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Why Choose Billian for Business Internet Solutions?

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Fixed Wireless

Top-End Wireless Connection With Industry Leading Internet Speeds!


No Hidden Costs

Our Terms Are Open, With No Hidden Terms or Conditions


Industry Leading

Our Business Internet Services Are Proven, Time & Time Again By Our Many Business Clients!


Internet Security

All Services Are Eligible For Our Security & Data Backup Plan For Your Privacy.


Data Privacy

We Provide Trusted Data Security Ensuring Connections Are Private & Not Shared Publicly


Minimum Downtime

Make The Most With Your Internet Connection With Our Low Down Times.

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Confused About Which Business Broadband Plan To Choose? NBN Vs Fibre

NBN Vs Fibre

Which One Should You Choose? Which One Is More Beneficial For Your Business?



Reasonably priced, with a lot of various plans to choose from. Speeds can be obstructed during peak-times due to local traffic which could cause issues. Best internet service for small businesses with less employees.



Fastest connection speeds that provide seamless network connectivity. Fibre is necessary for growing businesses with teams requiring multiple connections to the network.

Peace Of Mind

Billian Handles All Your Problems


Technical Assistance

Our Staff Are Always Ready To Assist Clients For Any Technical Difficulties They May Be Facing With Their Broadband Services.


20+ Years Experience

Our Leading Staff Have Over 20+ Years Of Telecom & Business Internet Providing Experience. We Are Always Adapting To The Changing Industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business internet services significantly improve your company’s performance as we offer –

  • Improves communication in different departments of the company making it easier
  • Forms stable servers making file storage & accessing easier
  • Business automation becomes easier
  • Improved customer service experience because of stable servers
  • Reduced expenses cost in comparison to multiple networks
  • Increased workplace productivity74

Our business internet plans are tailored to different business’ needs. Keeping our clients’ needs in mind, we keep our solutions dynamic and flexible.

To know more about our services or to get a quote for our business internet services, visit here.

Whenever the business internet is not working, you can either quickly reboot the router. Another thing you can do is try to check the connectivity of the router or cable.

In case the internet is still not working, you can raise a ticket & our technical support will get back to help you immediately.

From placing the order for a connection to activation of the whole network takes about 6-7 days. Our team of experts visit the premises to check for all the equipment they’ll need for setting up the business internet connection for your organization.

We ensure that during this time, our clients experience minimum or no downtime to avoid any delay in their operations.

For more information, you can give us a call at 1300-313-100 or you can fill up the form.

No, business internet and home internet are different from each other. Business internet service has more features as compared to a home internet. Home internet comes with limited upload speed offering best-effort service agreements.

On the other hand, the business internet demands faster internet speed as one connection is used to keep many systems connected. It comes with a static IP address that offers a reliable & secure connection allowing businesses to host their network infrastructure for servers & file storage.


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